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A girl born and bred in Pretoria, I grew up with a country song in my heart and my feet firmly on the dusty ground. My father was a military man and my mother a paralegal secretary. I have always been very fond of the arts and sometimes felt like the odd one out – the "weirdo". When I finally embraced my true personality, that vibrant and outspoken artistic soul blossomed and became a photographer. Having grown up in a close-knit family has cultivated a great respect and love for family life. Family is paramount. The way we shape our lives around the ones who mean the world to us defines so many of our life-altering moments. I married young and had my son when I was 25.My daughter was born six years later. I adore my family and I had always dreamed of being a loving wife, a supporter to my husband and a mother. I am truly living my dream by God’s amazing grace and I appreciate life in all its colours and forms. I am a nostalgic and therefore soon discovered that my passion lies in capturing the most important memories: wedding days and family life in all its forms. Each day I get up, dress up and with a happy heart do what I love. I capture the memories of people like weddings, maternity shoots, babies, children, family and extended families. I am happy as long as I work with people. My family, my memories and the memories of others are the three things that live closest to my heart. I cannot be any more blessed! I look forward to capturing your memories in the near future and trust that you will enjoy every day to the fullest! Don’t wait! Capture those presious memories today! Tomorrow might be too late!

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There is nothing more gratifying and pleasurable than sharing people’s lives with them, even if it is just for those short moments. I live for a laugh and a happy tear. I live for loud giggles and smiles. I live for sharing my life and gift with others. The smile of a grandmother when she looks at her grandchildren, that absolute pride and love… The giggles of a girl who twirls around her father’s finger, what could be more beautiful? What could be more heart-warming than a father “giving away” his princess to the man she loves on her wedding day? What stirs a soul more than loving arms around your neck and soft kisses on your face? I don’t know about you, but I live for these moments… I see it as my responsibility and duty to capture these moments for the people around me. I take great pride in what I do and see it as a very important job. Some people may think it is just the press of a button, but to me it is much more than that! Life goes by so quickly… before you know it your children will be all grown up and we will sit on the porch and sip our iced tea and talk about what used to be. Would it not be more than just memories if we can page through an album and relive those precious moments? This is what I do: I capture those memories for you! I love sharing even the smallest part of your life with you! May you always find sunshine on your face, a song in your heart and people who love you, sharing your life. These are life’s greatest blessings and I hope that you will remember and treasure this. I hope you enjoy paging through my website and trust that you will see the beauty in the small things, as I do!

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